Meet the bloggers of Baraka

From now on, three fine young adults are the new voices Baraka for the world. After a few weeks of intensive training, they will report directly from their community and show you the life, the people of Baraka and its change toward a hopefully better future. Please take a moment and meet Ousmane Ly, Aissatou Sow and Dieynaba Ba. In their first blog post of their lives, they have taken the time  to tell you a little about themselves, their interests and their hopes for Baraka’s future.

Ousmane Ly

My name is Ousmane Ly. I live in the Baraka neighborhood in Liberté extension 6, in the district Sicap Liberté of Dakar, Senegal. I work in real estate Keur massar as sales manager and my company is called Kawsara Group Corporation. We emphasize in the sale and purchase of land, the exploitation of salt, earthworks, markers, and money transfer services. A support program has been created since 2012 « One Family One Roof » which should enable everyone to have access to real estate.

I was selected as a blogger for Baraka and I’m training with Dieynaba Ba and Aissatou Sow for two weeks. Our trainer is called Katharina, she comes from Europe in Germany and is one of the best bloggers in the world. That’s why it is a great chance for me to be selected.  After this training we will not only be the first students, but we will also become the first and best bloggers of Senegal and even Africa. But all of it is due to our friend and brother Ibrahima Sadio, who helps us to understand well the translation of English into French. He is really modest and available. Our major ambition is to be able to participate in this great project symbolically as the fact that our current President has spared many efforts to facilitate the project’s success through its Urban Renewal Minister of Housing Mr. Diène Farba Sarr.

Aïssatou Sow

My name Aïssatou Sow. I’m a student at the University of Dakar Bourguiba and in the second year of my training in economic management. I was born in Baraka in 1992 and participate in the development of this area as a blogger. Together we are three bloggers in the training, including Ousmane Ly and Dieynaba Ba. Katharina is our trainer she comes from Germany is one of the best bloggers in her country. Our wish is to see the Baraka district that is located in the municipality of 6 Sicap Liberté to become a great and beautiful city loved by everyone. Therefore, we work hard together for the success of this major project, set up by Mrs Ohoven, her daughter Claudia and their partners with the supports of the current government, led by the Minister of Urban Renewal of Mr. Diène habit Farba Sarr. For the city of Baraka, 270 units will be made including 210 for the people of Baraka and 60 sold.

Something about me? Well, I want to become a great economic manager, I like reading, music, sports and cooking. My qualifications are: I am optimistic, generous, decent … and my faults are: I am strict with regard to work, I am too motivated, committed to the success of my project … My blogger training allows me to become a little bit known worldwide through the blog of Baraka.

Dieynaba Ba

My name Dieynaba BA. I live in Liberté 6 Baraka, I’m a sophomore in computer management to Ensup’Afrique . I am a Senegalese who loves her country and her district. I was chosen as one of Baraka bloggers and would do anything to help my town advance. I am very motivated to do my job to help my district to move forward and to become known worldwide.

I am a very simple person who likes to study and really want to succeed in life to help my parents and my relatives. Aissatou SOW Ousmane Ly are also chosen as bloggers Baraka. They are also motivated to do their job. We are trained by one of the best bloggers in Europe who is a German and came especially to coach us. Her name Catarina. She is a very nice person who really helps us to be among the best. She is assisted by Ibrahima Sadio who does his work by interpreting English into French to help us better understand the explanations of Catarina.

Baraka is a very poor area that is located in Dakar, Senegal and the reason why my friends and I are committed to follow to the letter the advice and guidance of Catarina. I am ready to be a blogger Baraka because I want change my neighborhood and facilitate its progress. Baraka has a close-knit population and a great community.

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