Our blog training – Now it’s our turn

In connection with the restructuring of the Baraka city, we were taken as bloggers and we did a training of twenty-one days. We will show you the knowledge gained from our training, and tell you, what kind of stories you can expect from now on this blog.

The YOU Foundation sent us Katharina Dorothea Leuck who is one of the best bloggers in Germany and she came to Africa especially just to train us. At first she collected our contact information, let us do an introduction round then explained everything about WordPress, because it is a professional easy to use application for bloggers and professional websites. After creating the blog « barakadakar.wordpress.com« , she has listed all the points needed for a better blog. We began by writing articles, creating photo galleries, learned how to add main images to our article or how to plan our articles for a subsequent date. She taught us different photography techniques, how to use categories and keywords in the article, create the menu. A very important point she stressed was to always choose the subject before writing an article. She also taught us techniques to take pictures especially with our tablets, all that is necessary and useful for the proper functioning of our blog. During these twenty days she taught us a lot and always had many practical tips for us to improve our blog.

Now we have lots of ideas for the blog, which has allowed everyone of us to create their own blog articles. But even if we have all the necessary information about our area, we would not be able to show you what happens here without having the knowledge and equipment. After the training, we are more comfortable to write an article, because we know how to go to the field if necessary, we’ve even learned to do interviews and take pictures to support the article. This way we can be much more in touch with the population. Our training makes us work ahead because during the training, our trainer left out nothing; she explained and showed everything to us. We can feel the progress now since we will tell and show you now everything that happens in Baraka.

We will share our program on the articles on Baraka in the coming days. Listed below are a few items: the current problems in Baraka Baraka in different trades, the ambitions of the Barakoise population, hygiene Baraka Baraka food, Baraka’s culture and origin, children’s education and health.

We thank the partner ASC Technologies AG for the whole blogger training, Dell for the tablets that are paramount to us, Mrs Ohoven and the whole You Foundation, our modest and humble professional Katharina as well as Ibrahima Sadio, her interpreter sent by Hope ’87.


This article was written by Dienyaba Ba, Aissatou Sow and Ousmane Ly.

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