Our national sport – A wrestling event in Baraka

Senegalese wrestling is the national sport of Senegal. One young man from Baraka happens to be a rising star in the scene. When he competed in an important fight this past weekend, it was a very special day for Baraka.

Senegalese wrestling is our national sport and is very popular here. Besides being a contact sport, it incorporates boxing hence the name of « fight with strikes. » The wrestler can both, kick and use melee to defeat his opponent. In addition to its sporting dimension, it includes a cultural dimension which implements through entertainment, the Senegalese cultural tradition.

At Baraka we live with a young wrestler named Mamadou Woury Sow, who is twenty-one (21) years old. He began practicing in 2010, and it was in 2014 when he finally got his license. This is a young orphan without father and mother, very motivated and committed to the development of his neighborhood. For this reason he is known as Al Baraka in the world of wrestling. His goal is to become one of the most gifted fighters of his generation and to help the people of his neighborhood.

This Sunday, March 27, 2016, he made his fourth fight of his young wrestling career and all the people of Baraka mobilized for the success of this great day. It was a great event for us. While the women took care of the kitchen, the men saw to the organization while children happily chanted his name over and over again. All this demonstrated the solidarity in which the people live Baraka. Hand in hand, accompanied by the prayers of our dear parents, he triumphed over his opponent and we all jumped for joy.

Check out our picture galleries to get an impression of the excitement of this very special day!

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