Trades in Baraka: the profession of the carpenter

Sometimes work is a matter of duty and dignity, as famously stated in the previous article about our coal merchants. This is why the population of Baraka does not remain stranded. Especially Baraka’s youth is determined and optimistic about their future. In our journey this week, we went to meet a young carpenter living in Baraka who is a hidden talent.

A Baraka we have many workshops of joinery (wood and metal) which participate in the training of young people. This is the case of Gassimou DIALLO, 33 years old, who traditionally worked with wood since 1997. He chose this profession among others by love. After a long training he created his own studio. Although at first it was difficult, he has remained courageous, committed and determined to succeed in his work. Mr Diallo makes furniture, doors, windows, floors and woodwork for buildings. He can also ensure their installation. He primarily provides a customized service of manufacturing and assembly of solid wood (kitchen, closet) and small locksmith jobs.

rps20160412_154305Gassimou dreams of having a large training workshop to help the youth of Baraka who do not work, because they are the future of the district. He is a very ambitious man, for he already oversees four boys age 12 to 16 and has been searching for a partnership to improve the location of his workshop for greater profitability of his studio. Despite his commitment, his studio has always been in a public space managed by the city of SICAP Liberté and he must pay taxes amounting to 5000 Franc per month. Several days ago he received an order of eviction, one thing that worries a lot, since he risks losing visibility or even customers. Today, with new technology it is very difficult to work well without the necessary equipment for the proper functioning of its work, as Diallo pays for example for doors and other things to be cut since he does not have some materials required. All this demonstrated the determination drives him to get ahead in his job. Gassimou evolves in his field with huge handicaps, and really needs material as a combined machine with all functions (router, saw, circular saw) to enable it to fully demonstrate his talent.

The work is one of the elements of membership of an individual in society, that is why it is considered a moral and social duty. At Baraka, in all sectors, men and women provide daily superhuman efforts with meager means to support themselves everyday and especially those of their families.

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