The tireless women of Baraka

We can say that the woman is the nucleus of society and therefore she greatly contributes to the development and economy of their country symbolically. This is the case of the brave women in Baraka. Here is a gallery showing some of these tireless women.

At Baraka women are brave and courageous and they give their all to meet the needs of their families. Our moms exhausted all their time and strength in order to properly maintain their families. They rise early in the morning to buy goods like vegetables and then sell them in the neighborhood or out and about. Some of the women sell breakfast, vegetables, or dinner, and others work as the human laundry machines for the houses around. They are too involved to live in dignity and nobility, as they help their husband at their home.

These women contribute well to the children’s education and the development of Baraka with their solidarity groups, which they organize every weekend between them. For this reason we have accompanied them in their daily work.

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