Minutes of the meeting between the people of Baraka and the steering committee of the Baraka rehabilitation project.

A meeting between the actors involved in the reconstruction of Baraka namely the population, the project steering committee and HOPE87 took place in our neighborhood this 25th of April, 2016. This meeting was held on Baraka’s football field at 5 p.m. GMT. We will present to you the result of exchanges between the different actors.

The delegation consisted of Ms. KOITA lawyer and representative of the SICAP, Ms. SOUMARE Technical Advisor of the Planning Ministry and Mr. Niang Foundation Right to the City sent by the Minister of Town Planning and Urban Renewal Mr. diene Farba Sarr, Mr. FALL Liberty neighborhood delegate 6 Extension and representatives of HOPE87 Mr. Mane and Gueye were also at the meeting. Journalists especially sent from Germany by Ms. OHOVEN were occasionally present at this meeting.

The meeting began with greetings and introductions. The first to speak was the district chief Mr. Seye. After the usual greetings, he made a brief presentation of the actors present in the population of Baraka. Then the floor was given to Mr. MANE who told us that the meeting today was to share with the people the latest project information currently available.

What followed was the speech by Ms. Soumare, who informed the public that the President of the Republic of Senegal, Mr. Macky Sall himself took the project in his hands and agreed by the promulgation of Decree granting Mrs. OHOVEN the opportunity to build social housing on the site of Baraka. She also added that the Minister of Economy and Finance is supporting the project with the approval of the President and that, given that the area of BARAKA is not as wide, the units will consist of apartments to the benefit of all families living in Baraka.

Subsequently it was the turn of Mr. Niang who informed the people that the land title will be available shortly. He also informed the population of Baraka that with these new social housing arrangements, beneficiaries must pay a participation that was already set and will be subject to a future meeting. Ms. KOITA was the last person among the players to express himself. She informed the population that after obtaining the land title, a new meeting will be held to explain all there is to know about the properties. Finally it was the turn of the population of Baraka and his chiefs to ask the questions that concern them, such as when is the exact date of construction? And how will the population be relocated and resettled during the construction work? The steering committee has met to the extent possible to answer requests from residents.

The meeting was closed by thanking the people to all persons who are involved in the realization of this very large project (especially Ms. OHOVEN and YOU Foundation FOUNDATION and its partners, through the Government of Senegal). Prayers were made for this purpose. With our voice we would like to express on behalf of the population of Baraka our deepest gratitude to all donors who did not hesitate to contribute to the realization of the dream of everyone in Baraka: The realization of this project of life quite simply.


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