Raising awareness among the population of Baraka

By order of Mrs. OHOVEN and You Foundation, HOPE 87 has set up a campaign committee to sensitize the inhabitants of Baraka on the project. We have accompanied them as they set out for their first talks with the people of Baraka.

The committee is composed of two young natives of Baraka, Omar Ba and Mame Diarra Faye, as well as Dianko Old and Anna Gaye, who are two agents of You Foundation’s local partner Hope ’87. Omar Ba is a student in computer management and a member of the Association of Youth Development Agreement Baraka. Mame Diarra Faye, the president of GIE, an economic interest group for girls from Baraka.

The purpose of this committee is to disclose the information on the project’s progress to the population of Baraka, such as the construction of the buildings. This is why the young people met to develop an approach procedure to divide the district into two entities in order to facilitate their work. As they set out for their first round of talks, they did not encounter major difficulties because the population facilitated their work. Hope ’87 provided them with forms, with which these young people visit each house and note down all necessary information. For example, the number of each house, the family head and a multitude of other questions posed to the population.

These young people reported that they encountered specific issues again and again every time: How will the families be rehoused during the construction? What will be the exact date of construction? These homes, will they be free or paid? For now, the awareness committee does not respond to questions that worry the population of Baraka, because at the moment it is just a baseline study of all homes, and it may be six (6) months they may be allowed to disclose some information. The population of Baraka is excited because it sees the steps to the change of this neighborhood.

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