The Baraka Football School

« Training at the base, this is the only way to success in the world of football. » It was this maxim that inspired Idy SARR, a neighbor of Baraka and younger brother of a former Senegalese international passionate of football. He managed to create a soccer school in the district. Its purpose is to help young baraka who love football to gain the knowledge that could enable them to succeed in their dream in this sport. This Sunday, May 8, 2016, we went to meet them.

Early in the morning, we went to the field to see Baraka’s young football fans. Once on site, we see them hurry to start drives, accompanied by assistant coach Sara Boye DIALLO, a student in his S2 term, who has made the success of these young boys his mission in life.

Sara Boye has made the success of these young boys his mission in life.
Sara Boye Diallo has made the success of these young boys his mission in life.

Idy SARR head coach was absent that day. We discovered on site a bunch of dynamic young boys who are good students and have a very deep love for football. The practices take place on the days of the weekend and consist of a 2-hour-session per day. For the summer holidays, they train every day of the week.

For five (5) years now, Idy SARR and his team have been fighting day and night for the supervision of these 22 young people. Their main objective is to make these young footballers professionals. And to achieve this goal, the four people of the management team go out of their way for the continuation of the classes.

Massamba Diagne, the captain of Baraka's football team.
Massamba Diagne, the captain of Baraka’s football team.

Additionally, Sara Boye DIALLO is responsible for their subsequent school career. Serigne Massamba Diagne is the captain of the team. He is 13 years old and is in 4th grade at EMC Liberté 6. He is the regulator and facilitator of the practice sessions. His idol is Tony CROSS.

Like the other kids of his team, Massamba’s biggest dream is to wear the jersey of the national team of Senegal and play at the highest level. Despite the advanced level of the team, they have many difficulties in pursuing their dream. They dream of a proper playing field and good equipment such as balls, bibs, jerseys, etc., in order to better practice their passion.

Although this football school is not a vocational school in the eyes of the people of Baraka, it plays a vital role in the education of the children, because it participates in the development of Baraka. Like any trainer, the dream of Idy SARR and his staff is to help these young people to have a better future based on sport and education.

A few photos of our football school visit

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