Thank you: New tables, benches, and paint for Baraka’s primary school

A « thank you » is only valuable if it is really sincere. This is why the population of Baraka would like to thank « YOU FOUNDATION » from the bottom of their heart for their project funded by Mr. Samih SAWIRIS for the primary school in Baraka. With this project, more than 120 tables and benches were repaired or manufactured for our school.

With this nice gesture of unspeakable scope, our schoolchildren and teachers were very happy since they can now continue their course without interruption. For the production, three (3) Baraka artisans were selected. Two of them are the joiners Abdou BA and Gassimou DIALLO, and the third is the painter Moustapha Ndiaye. They performed this work with love and are very satisfied with this project because the children of our beloved district will be in better conditions to study. In addition to receiving these new tables and benches, Liberté 6 Elementary School in Baraka has been completely repainted.

Our voices of the population of Baraka deeply thank Mr. Samih SAWIRIS as the valuable donor of the material offered in primary school Baraka with the support of « YOU FOUNDATION ». This generous gesture touches us deep within our hearts since it will bring a better quality of study to underprivileged children in Baraka.

Finally we offer a series of photos of the making of the gift by the artisans of Baraka.

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