The visit of Mrs. OHOVEN in Baraka

This Wednesday, on May 25th, the population of Baraka received a visit from Madame OHOVEN of YOU FOUNDATION and their partners, accompanied by a former Senegalese international football player.
It was about 5 o’ clock when the procession of Madame OHOVEN arrived in Baraka. Madame OHOVEN was accompanied by her daughter Claudia and El Hadji Diouf Ousseynou, a former Senegalese footballer and athlete ambassador and adviser to the president of the republic. Before their arrival, Mrs. SOUMARE – the technical advisor to the minister – was already at the scene to accompany the guests without forgetting Robert, students and architects, and Mr. MANE with all of their teams of Hope ’87.

There was a huge and excited crowd; everyone was very happy to see Mrs. OHOVEN and her daughter Claudia in our beautiful country Senegal. Mrs. OHOVEN paid a visit to the  Liberté 6 Baraka School, where she appreciated the work that has been done there. The tireless children were very happy and sang to her in person. There was quite busy crowd, and lots of cheers, chants and prayers for YOU FOUNDATION and its partners. At the end of the ceremony gifts were presented to Mrs. OHOVEN and her daughter by the people of Baraka as a sign of gratitude.

Here are some pictures of this beautiful and emotional day.

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