The Baraka bloggers – 100 days of Blog Baraka

Today Blog Baraka Dakar turns three (3) months and it is an honor for us bloggers to see its evolution. We sincerely thank « YOU FOUNDATION » who had the idea of creating this blog and sent us Katharina Leuck, a specialist in this field, to train us for twenty-one (21) days.

This blog is a way of communication that reflects the reality and live events of the population of Baraka. This is the best possible way to make Baraka known worldwide. Similarly, the blog allows partners of  » YOU FUNDATION  » to gather information of what is happening. We all thank you from near or far for taking a moment to follow our blog and contribute to the development of our neighborhood.

Despite our respective professional occupations such as work and education, we feel great satisfaction every week during the drafting of our articles and we cannot wait for the « New Baraka » to be finished in order to allow people to live in better living conditions.

Blog Baraka Dakar is our pride, it is us, the inhabitants of Baraka.

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