The Youth Association for Development of Baraka

The Youth Association for Development of BarakaThe EJDB (Youth Development Agreement Baraka) is an association created July 17, 2014 with a legal status recognized by the state. Our association currently has over one hundred (100) members. With a well-defined program, the association ensures the cleanliness of the area, children’s education by organizing courses to strengthen and vacancy courses. Since Muslims are the majority in Baraka, the EJDB organizes a conference during the month of Ramadan (fasting month of Muslims) to strengthen the solidarity that exists between the inhabitants of Baraka.

This Sunday, June 12, the EJDB organized the second edition of the religious conference in the main square of Baraka. The ceremony opened with a recital of the Holy Quran in memory of our dead and for peace in the world. After that, the ceremony continued with the arrival of our guests who were the godmother Mrs Anta Sarr SINE, who is the responsible president of the Shoulder to Shoulder Association, Mrs. Thielo and Mr. Santhi AGNE, Mayor of SICAP Liberté, and not to mention the entire population of Baraka. This day also took place under the patronage of Mr. Boubacar MANE, who is responsible for « HOPE 87 » who represents « YOU FOUNDATION » in Senegal, and the Mayor of Kolda. With the theme « Youth and Islam » chosen by the members, the speaker Oustaz Imam Dianke has hosted the ceremony by filling our hearts with great emotion and purity.

It was a day of strengthening and education for everyone who were present, especially for young people who have noted the advice of our religious leaders to stay on the right path. The ceremony ended with prayers for the members of « YOU FOUNDATION ‘and’ ‘New City Baraka’, but also for the peace and unity of the people of Baraka.

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