Survey of various trades in Baraka

As part of the construction process of the new city of Baraka, « YOU FOUNDATION » has recruited four (4) persons through HOPE’87, who will educate the people of Baraka and organize meetings with the population about their needs to facilitate the upcoming tasks.

After the sensitization of various trades in Baraka, the young animators in charge of this mission held meetings with various business components of our neighborhood in recent days. They began the exchange with hairdressers, then it was the turn of the carpenters (wood and aluminum), tailors, jewelers, masons, and painters. All stressed their needs for the improvement of their working conditions, training and reinforcement, materials for a professionalization of their work for the development of their business and that of Baraka.

The population of Baraka is young, ambitious and courageous, so with such a project they will do all they can to excel in their respective fields. « YOU FOUNDATION » provides training for those who do not have a job, and guidance for those who already have a job.

All the people are very interested in all these changes coming, and this is evident by their presence at these meetings and information exchanges. Actually the idea of a change for better living conditions motivates more people in their work, hoping that these spaces to different trades are provided.




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