The history of the old Baraka health center

Baraka does not have any acces to health structure to promote health and improve the living conditions of its population. This is what leads us today to meet Fatoumata SY, former community health worker from the old Baraka health center, to make the history of the defunct box .
The Adventure forps20160712_205505r Fatoumata Sy, who is based in Baraka since 1992, began in the year of 1996. She was formed as a community health worker by ENDA. It was military doctor  Mr. Gueye and his medical assistant, who were livinig in Baraka too, who taught her the ropes and how to make bandages, bites etc …

As a result of that, she involves herself as a volunteer to provide care to the people of Baraka. Despite her resources, she went around the neighborhood to provide care to children by giving them drugs, by providing first aid in case of injury and by vaccinating newborns. Afterand KA Moussa a while passing Baraka all day, the need to create a health check became obvious. At the beginning is was just a wooden box with curtains, two chairs and a table.

rps20160712_205432 There were Mrs. SY, Marie Katharine and KA Moussa, who were nursing and ensured the smooth running of the business ensuring permanence in the absence of Dr. Mountaga, which came to him once a week for consultations.

They were the first child care, since that time they were the most vulnerable because of lack of support, the poverty of their parents that they do care about the survival of their family. The health center was of paramount importance for the entire population, as it allowed people to come see for influenza, malaria or other harm. In an emergency, the health officers evacuated the person to another near health facility.

At the moment, the lack of structure affects many residents, because, given the conditions in which they live, even if health is priceless, to check they are forced to pay 2,000 CFA francs, not counting the price orders. This leads some patients to turn back to traditional medicine. At the time of the health center, the drugs were supplied by a pharmacy that is located OUKAM *. The charges were provided by ENDA, on top of that the price of the consultation was 100 FCFA.

Ms SY had to save more than two dozen babies since she was the nurse. After giving birth, she is in charge of cutting the umbilical cord, and accompanies the mother and child to the largest hospital in Yoff. Unfortunately the death of Jacques BIGNICOUR any guarantees for the running of the health post have become obsolete. So everything is back to the starting position. Recently a woman lost her son because she gave birth at home without assistance because she could not get to the hospital for lack of resources.

Many doctors have gone through this box. Some have assured their service as best they could, the others left because the conditions were too unfavorable. The population of Baraka  really need a health structure worthy of the name. That is why it appeals to all people of goodwill and « YOU FUNDATION » in order to improve their living conditions.
* = Commune of Dakar. A few kms from Baraka.rps20160712_180348

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