Who cares about the sick People in Baraka?

After you have made the presentation of the old Baraka health center, we took the initiative to make a visit to some residents of the city. Since health is a challenge every day for us, we will try to show you the difficulties experienced by people of Baraka for treatment.
In Baraka, at least each of us once has experienced a nightmare, when a family member becomes sick. Among the daily difficulties, we  add the management of a patient, the lack of resources is felt more and more. This is the case of our host Mr. Modou Diagne day.

Modou Diagne

We found him sitting in his chair, the body sweats, paralyzed his right arm, legs trembling, with a bass voice that articulates the words with difficulty, but tries so little to talk about his illness. Mr Diagne, a father of four children is a former military retired, and is 59 years old. He and suffered a stroke in 2004. * Since he is paralyzed on the right side. Before he lived in perfect health and came to support his family until the day everything changed for him the day he loses his health and mobility. According to his wife Mary Katharine, a former assistant to the Baraka Health box, he sometimes is to discomfort, but for the precarious conditions in which he found, he did not go into consultation and thought that it would pass.

So when the stroke occurred, he spent two months in hospital. On leaving, he received a bill of one million FCFA in medical expenses. But because he was serving in the army, he had to pay half. Since then, for lack of means he has decided to stop to check and remained five years without consultation. He lives under the supervision of his wife who applies him massages as physical therapy are very expensive. She helps him to all his Needs, because he is unable to do himself.

Despite very difficult living conditions every day, Mr. Diagne gets up early to take a walk so that his body regains some vitality. He tries to collect a little money through the generosity of good people or old friends. They give him some money that he gives to his wife for their everyday spending.

Ms. Diagne meanwhile, does the laundry in the neighboring cities. Thus, the money raised will be used for their daily expenses, pending receipt of Mr Diagne retirement pension, which it will be spent on drugs. Mr. Diagne is not the only one in this situation. There are many others like him, sick of stroke and other diseases.

This is why the entire population of Baraka wants to have a health facility to ease the burden and facilitate care. Nevertheless we remain very optimistic about the improvement of our living conditions and health in the first place with the construction of the new city. Soon there will be a doctor, coming once a week, to examine the people of Baraka.


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