creation of an office for artisans

This Sunday, July 31, 2016, another meeting was held at the primary school in Baraka, between the agents of « Hope 87 » namely Anna Gaye Moussa DINAKO Ms. Mame Diarra and Mr. Omar FAYE BA and artisans inhabitants in Baraka for the establishment of a special office for the craftsmen of the area.rps20160801_205406

As part of the grand project of reconstruction of Baraka, « Hope87 » and « YOU FUNDATION » initiated again a meeting with all the artisans of the district. The meeting was to bring together all members of various trades in a single group, so they can get a worthy name business allowing them to leverage their trades. Each person will be represented at this office.

The establishment of this cell will allow these craftsmen to organize themselves, for example to pay their rents and face together has all the hazards in their work. A proper functioning of their common activities is, to bear everones mind and help each other in order to ease working conditions. The improvement of living conditions of inhabitants of Baraka with new quotes, will result in the union of all people especially workers.

However, as the idea is new, craftsmen have found out the necessary to work together and form themselves into guilds in order to discuss and exchange on measures to be taken. Most of these craftsmen are young. Each trade will be represented by three delegates to start this cell on behalf of all the worker residing at Baraka.
Following this proposal within a few days so that they can nominate their representative members for the implementation without delay of the cell on behalf of all the craftsmen of the district.

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