Visit from a representative of ORASCOM in Baraka

This Monday Barakas residents received a visit from Mr. STEPHANE a representative of the Company « Orascom », partner of the « YOU FOUNDATION ». He was accompanied by Mr. MANE from « HOPE87 SENEGAL » to visit the area. For the visit, Mr. STEPHANE was accompanied by the district chief, the blogger and some others to see the boundaries of Baraka. Having toured the neighborhood, Mr. STEPHANE wanted to visit a few apartments that are just off the city. So he could see the three different types of apartments F2, F3 and F4, that will be built in Baraka soon. He left after the prayers and acknowledgments made by all to « YOU FOUNDATION » and all its partners.

Days later  Mr. MANE convened a meeting to inform the public about the latest news. The meeting was held on the Baraka football field. First he explained the purpose of Mr. STEPHANEs visit in Baraka and we got informed about the new apartments after he has visited some of them in Dakar. This visit has allowed him to have a brief overview and to assess the amount of work for the reconstruction of Baraka.

The Population of Barak now is a little bit worried, because they have many questions: How will they participate before and after the constructions? Although the population of Baraka is aware that Ms. OHOVEN and her partners are doing their very best to fully rebuild the neighborhood. And we are very thankful for that.

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