Holiday courses for students Baraka

The population of Baraka becomes aware that children’s education is a priority, thus they motivate the children to go to school during the holidays to learn more. The fact that most parents are not educated poses many difficulties in raising children. So to help these children to do better, some kids out of neighborhood who are motivated and committed to the success of Baraka schoolchildren, have embarked on the holiday courses organization. rps20160830_204750

In 2013-2014 the very low rate of admission in entrance examinations in the sixth pushed these young People to coach their little brothers, because education should not be limited to the school year especially if we aren´t on good level. The decision was taken after the catastrophic results of examinations with an admission rate of 0%. Thus Baraka students considered these results as a shame for them. Therefore  Sara Boye Diallo, a student at Baraka, went to the director of Baraka elementary school to introduce herself as voluntary for students in final-classes.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Education of Senegal has decided to set up community networks across the country to provide students with summer courses. This is why the director of the Baraka school turned to Sara Boye, but for lack of time, he appealed to other students who share the same desire as she. Among those who volunteered included Fatou Dieng and Ramatoulaye DIAGNE. They were incurred as a community relay and have received training from one day to the School Inspectorate of Grand Dakar II, before the start of classes. They ensured the teaching of four classes of CI to C2. The results this year have been good because he had a pass percentage of 60%.

Even during the school year, these young people provide their small building during brothers. All efforts have been rewarded by the results of this year are 78% for admission to the examination rate. The 2015-2016 holiday course began on August, 17th and will be completed on September, 9th. Mr. Sarr is responsible for supervision of course. This year the girls are always incurred by the school on the orders of the Ministry, and are paid by the State and the other two reive a pay disbursed the fund of school.

The spirit of these young people is exemplary. You should know that these young people have followed the footsteps of their elders who had played the same role before the construction of the Baraka school.
Baraka is rich by the commitment, determination and the willing of its youth who are committed to providing the best education to their little brothers, because today’s children are the future.

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