The office of the GIE

This Sunday a meeting was held in the primary school in Baraka between emloyees of « hope87 », named Moussa DINAKO Omar BA and Mrs. Mame Diarra FAYE, and workmen of  Baraka, for the election of officers for their GIE (economic interest grouping) gathering various trades neighborhood.
After several meetings allowing everyone to express their opinions, find appropriate solutions to everyones life in this neighborhood, the various trades now are  united for the same cause:  the development of Baraka.

Executive members of the office are:
• President Yaya Diallo
• Deputy President Mamadou Moustapha SENE
• Secretary General Mamadou FALL
• Deputy Abdoulaye BA
• Treasurer Latyr Ndiaye
• Deputy Amadou Diallo Sara
• External Auditor Cheikh Ibrahima Senghor.
Besides thta there have been the setting up for the different commissions. According to the President’s office, they do not have the paperwork to G.I.E. They plan to invite everybody in Baraka for a General meeting on the soccer field to present the office  and their plans. This GIE will enable the young people without training to find work once the new city will be built Baraka.

Admittedly, this is the first time in the neighborhood that workmen join together for an organization of their work. This shows that the population is aware and focusses for a single purpose: the advancement of all trades parts of the district.

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