The Tabaski festival in Baraka

The Eid al-Adha or Eid el-Kebir is the most important Muslim feast. It is also called Tabaski in the west and central African countries. According to history, Tabaski commemorates the enslavement of the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), who was commanded by God to sacrifice a sheep. This religious festival gives us the opportunity to meet our family members and loved ones. Moreover, it is about sharing and generosity to the poor and needy.

This Monday, September 12th 2016, the Senegalese community celebrated Tabaski. A Baraka party happened in solidarity, harmony and joy. Early in the morning, all Muslim went faithfully to the mosque Baraka in order to accomplish the prayer of Tabaski. Thereafter, the Imam of the mosque expressed wishes for happiness, prosperity, peace, blessings and guidance to the faithful. According to tradition, the Imam is the first to sacrifice a sheep, followed by the local residents. The people of Baraka who were not able to sacrifice a sheep received a donation from goodwill. After this ceremony, the women took care of the kitchen and the smell of the meat dish was everywhere in the neighbourhood. After cooking, the prepared foods has been shared. Meanwhile, very happy children went around in the neighbourhood and asked for Strenna. The atmosphere was great – everywhere music and laughter and the party went well overall. Here’s a gallery of photos taken at the party.

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