Visit our notables in Baraka

The notion of « significant » is inseparable from that of social hierarchy, although notable are not always recognized leaders (sometimes it may be of personalities which the population spontaneously recognize particular importance, which distinguishes them from others). Here is a special section on both moral and wise people of Baraka neighborhood: the neighborhood leader El Hadji Abdou Seye and Imam El Hadji Thierno Mamadou Alfa BA.

Following you read the minutes of interviews that our two guests so far have given us.


Mr. Seye was born in 1948 in Yakhtay Bawor in the department Kébémer. It is representative of liberty 6 Baraka neighborhood since 1997. M Seye is a polygamist and father of more than ten children. He has a rich and complicated journey at once.

Mr. Seye arrived in Baraka through his commercial work. Since the rent for houses and flats are expensive, he preferred to live in Baraka, which at that time almost was uninhabited. He followed the deceased Baba Malal BA, who was from 1997 to 1991 the first  district delegate. Both maintained good reports.

Mr. Seye is one of the personalities who did a lot for Baraka. He traveled the courts approached with the deceased Jacques Bignucour for permission to live in the area for all the people. Due to his work he experienced some difficulties, because at his age he is in charge to settle small disputes in the neighbourhood, ensures the standards and conduct of activities in the city.


rps20161004_141124 Mr. BA meanwhile was born in 1930 in Guinea Conakry precisely in the area of Mamoune Timbo and is also a polygamist and father of 11 children. He came to Senegal in 1950 at the age of 20 years. He was appointed religious leader of the Guinean community in Senegal.

On arrival in Baraka in 1998, he continued his role as a religious leader by organizing annual ceremonies. With his status and his mastery of the Muslim religion, he became the first imam of the neighborhood by the head of the district and the population of Baraka. Its responsibility is to ensure that the Muslims respect the precepts of religion by doing five daily prayers at the mosque and guide the faithful on the right path. The imam has made us understand that he does not encounter difficulties, because with his age and status, he is well respected by all the people of Baraka.

Our two notables have one goal which is to do everything to implement the construction Project. Because according to both of them, Baraka is their pride. See the fulfillment of this project with the union of all the population in peace, harmony is their wish. Through our voices, they thank the « YOU FOUNDATION » particularly Ms. OHOVEN, her daughter Claudia and all their partners. They pray for them and wish good luck in all their endeavors.

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