Back to school in Baraka

The children of the whole country went back to schoolyear 2016-2017 last week, exactly on the 5th of October. In Baraka, the children were eager to go to school. We present a gallery telling you this opening day.
With the help of « YOU FOUNDATION » and its partners,  the primary school Baraka got lots of benefits this year, the conditions for a good start of the season have all been arranged. Therefore the date of re-entry has been respected and the classes have to start the same day.rps20161011_143242Director Mr. Idrissa René BA, a very committed man, came long way round the neighborhood to chief oh the district 6 M. Ahmed FALL. Since taking office he organized a meeting with the population to understand the situation of the education.

The school currently has six teachers to teach courses C.I. CM2. Although he has a position of responsibility, Mr. BA already faces difficulties. For example such as the lack of teaching materials, lack of water and the fact that in Baraka, some children don´t even have birth certificates. A worrying circumstance which, if attending once the examination class, can prevent them from passing exams, cause they are having no identification papers at all.

Despite all these obstacles, Mr. BA is very determined and very motivated and intends to have good results at the end of the year during the entrance examination in sixth.

The parents of students Baraka thank the Ministry of Education for donations of school supplies, which will allow a good start of course. On top of that, the fees for the registration of children for families whose children are aged from 6 to 15 years decreased. These donations from the City of S.I.C.A.P Liberty are meant to help our children to study in better conditions.

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