The hair stylists of Baraka

The long-awaited project of hair stylists Baraka is finally realized. This is a project funded by Mr. Sawiris and « YOU FOUNDATION » to push young people to move forward. After our visit to the salon, here’s the transcript of the interview with the responsible Mame Diarra Faye.
Barakas youth, especially the Girls, are affected by the act that « YOU FOUNDATION » and Mr. Sawiris have made for them. Since a few days the salon of the girls is running. Mame Diarra Faye, responsible for the hair stylists and the tailor shop, is also the President of GIE girls Baraka. According to her, the buisness creates a constancy for Baraka and due to the grace of the owner, the room can be used in its function. She explained, that a lack of organization and finances the old salon was forced to close. But this time, after a while of inactivity, the young people are working with full commitment.

The salon should guide the youth and provide to get the comprehensive knowledge for working as a hair stylist. Furthermore it will be a great way to make young people, that work in Baraka, also live there. You also have to know that, after braiding the customer, they will pay some money to the fund. So afterwards this money will be spent to pay for electricity and to buy products. Usually there are working 9 persons in the salon. But for now there are only 4 people who come daily from 9 am to 21 h.

However, the population does not come as numerous so far, because of the prices, even if prices are very attractive. But this will change as soon as the tailor shop is running. The entire population of Baraka is deeply thankful to the « YOU FOUNDATION », all its partners and Mr. Sawiris. DANKE !!!!

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