Young electricians in Baraka

At Baraka, although most young people are not graduates, it does not conflict with their courageous, dignified and workers. We went to meet some of the young electricians of Baraka. Ensuing you read the interview we had with them.
Right after their return from their respective jobs, we met the three young electricians Alassane BARRY, Alassane SOW and Gaspard CONDÉ, who are very passionate about their work. Electrician is the name given to the profession exerted in electricity. They shall ensure the implementation, maintenance and modification of electrical installations.

Alassane Barry is an electrician aged 31, who studied until third secondary class. He also informed us, that he has ten years of experience as an electrician. He is a very brave young man, working on several projects to provide himself and help his family.

Alassane Sow was born in 1997 and he also lives the neighborhood. It is also very motivated but very soon abandoned his studies. After that, he took electrical training to ASSAFIN. He obtained his CAP in 2014. Since then, he worked in construction sites and for individuals. Teammate Gaspard born to in 1995, also obtained his CAP in the same year the school JCLTIS AGO. Both also train their little Brothers, who also live in Baraka: Babin Sow, Alpha Ba and Abdoul.

These three guys pursue the studies of their older brothers. On this way, they are teaching their younger brothers as electricians by taking small jobs: like making electrical installations in some rooms in Baraka, change plugs and light sockets.

These young people are fighting day and night for their job, but often they are faced with many challenges such as lack of equipment, drills, electronic testers and security equipment to properly complete their work. Despite their limitations, they dream to build capacity in having at their disposal a room for working more professionell and train some young unemployed men in Baraka. They also want to participate in the future work of the new Baraka city.

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