visiting ambassadors to Baraka

Friday 28 October 2016, the population of Baraka has had the honor of receiving the visit of Madam Ambassador of Germany in Senegal Renate Schimkoreit well as Madam Ambassador of Austria Gudenus Carolina. They were accompanied by Mr. Boubacar MANE. Our dear guests made a tour of the area accompanied the chief district Abdul Seye, notable as the president of the women’s association, the girls and the president of the association of all youth and Baraka bloggers. Mr. MANE has played its role as guide presenting the school with its new director Mr. BA.

Afterwards the group visited the Center for IT-training and service and the formation for the hairdressers. Through this visit, they were able to see projects funded by Mrs. OHOVENS « YOU FOUNDATION », Mr. SAWIRIS and their partners. Finally they ended with a tour trough the neighborhood. At the end of the visit we were friendly inveted to the new health Center and an interesting conversation between blogger, some notables of neighborhood and M. MANE developed.

The two ambassadors were very happy with the warm welcome, the determination has the population to the realization of this major project is the reconstruction of our neighborhood. Although the Ambassador of Germany has not met Ms. OHOVEN yet, she made a promise of supporting and committed to help her neighbors. They told us they really like the idea on training the youth in computer skills that will facilitate on getting a job later.
Here’s a gallery of photos taken during the visit of ambassadors from Germany and Austria in Baraka.

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