computer center in Baraka

Baraka recently got a computer training center and multiservice. The whole youth of the neighborhood was very excited about this project that was long awaited. Here are the remarks made by the president of GIE youth Baraka Amadou Korka Diallo.
rps20161108_121137Mr. Diallo, who is responsible for the Center, gave us the inventory of equipment that is available in the Center for learning: eleven desktop computers, a laptop for money transfers, copier, printer and lamination and binding machine. Although the work is just beginning, there are two groups of ten young people who are currently in training. Classes are on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The two young responsible for the supervision of students, Amadou Seye and Ibrahima Dieng, are recruited by the « YOU FOUNDATION ». The students of the Baraka school  will start as soon as the Director Mr BA has made the list of students who will participate. Mr. Seye will arrange training classes C1-C2 and Dieng of CM1-CM2. IT is an indispensable tool for education and training for young people, but especially effective method on browsing the world from anywhere.

Nowadays, young People in Baraka have a huge chance, None of their older brothers had before. These children are the hope of the neighborhood and they are very pleased to receive that much attention and Coaching. All thanks to the support of Ms. OHOVEN, her foundation and all their partners. Mr. Diallo plans to soon hold a Meeting and find the necessary personnel, that can assist in the smooth running of the business.

Initially, each registrant has to pay the fee amounting to CFAF 1,000 and a monthly payment of 1,000 CFA too. The training on moneytransfer methods has not started yet, because some papers still are obtained. Meanwhile the installation of the Internet has already begun gradually. The training officers are earning practically nothing, but want to participate in the success of young people of this district.

Mr. DIALLO and all the people of Baraka are grateful and thank the « YOU FOUNDATION » and their partners. The only concern that the moment is that there’s young people who want to learn computer but can not pay the fees. That said, the youth engaged Baraka called on all people of goodwill to help « YOU FOUNDATION » for the realization of this great project of life and future for all residents.

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