Visit of the doctors in Baraka

On the 16th and 17th of November 2016, the population of Baraka was honored to receive Mrs. OHOVEN, her daughter CLAUDIA JERGER and two german doctors accompanied by their HOP87 collaborators. rps20161117_164107
On 16th of November around eleven o’clock, Mrs OHOVEN, her daughter CLAUDIA and their partners came to visit the neighborhood. They were accompanied by Mr. Robert Ottitsch,  Mr. Boubacar Mané and Ms. Anna Gaye representing HOP87. They visited the Baraka Elementary School and then walked around the neighborhood under the guidance of the neighborhood leader Mr. Abdoul Séye and other notables of the neighborhood.

Ms. OHOVEN and her guests were able to see the new hairdressing room and the computer training room for children and youth in this neighborhood. At the end of their visit they took a moment to sit down and talk with the people. And before leaving they asked the people of Baraka to unite in fraternity and solidarity.

The following day in the morning, the Hope87 officials arrived in Baraka accompanied by the two doctors from Germany. Dr SONJA FREUDE Pediatrician and Pneumologist and Professor Dr ANTJE SCHUSTER at the Departmental Hospital of the Children’s University in Düsseldorf. These doctors marked this day with free consultations for children and adults. This was really important, because the population that does not have the chance to consult and take care of its health can benefit there widely. Besides, these dear Doctors have promised the population of Baraka to return on Saturday, November 19th, to complete this consultation so primordial.

One hour later Mrs. OHOVEN and her daughter CLAUDIA JERGER arrived with their collaborators of HOP87. The population welcomed their guests to the local football field in a well-prepared tent with a lot of chairs. After the greetings and prayers of the Imam the district chief Abdou SEYE had the honor to speak and welcomed the guests. He sang songs and danced. It was in a very warm welcome that Mrs. OHOVEN expressed in a moving discourse by saying that « Baraka is my family, I am fighting night and day, that Baraka is an exemplary district to Dakar. I want each family to have a home and use to get out of poverty, all children can go to school and young people have training to secure their future.  »

Questions were asked by the population to know: how long still remains before starting the constructions? And how will families be dislodged? Mrs OHOVEN took the pleasure of answering the questions in order to avoid any amalgamation. She reassures the population that she wants the project to succeed within two to three months and she also explained that the population will be housed in tents as a temporary solution during the time of construction work.
The people of Baraka enjoyed this great day animated by YOU FOUNDATION, HOPE87 and their partners. However the inhabitants are eager to see the start of this great life project which is the future city Baraka so have a better tomorrow than anyone dreams.

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