Hearing with the President of Senegal

On the 26th of November, a meeting was held at the Baraka football field between the representatives of Hope87 Senegal M.MANE, Mr Robert Ottitsch accompanied by Mr SOUDEU sent by Mrs OHOVEN to report on the neighborhood and population.

The meeting began at 4 o´clock with prayers. After the greetings, Mr. MANE explained the purpose of the meeting. The agenda of the meeting consisted of informing the inhabitants of the meeting between YOU FOUNDATION, the Minister of Construction, the architects, the German Ambassador and the President of the Republic of Senegal, Mr Macky SALL. Mr. Robert informed the population that Macky SALL approved the plan of the new Baraka and asked the initiators to start work in the course of February – March.

Mr. Robert also added that President Macky SALL greatly appreciated the idea of housing the inhabitants in tents during the construction and training projects for young people in Baraka that YOU FOUNDATION and its Partners will realise. So people won´t have to leave their neighbourhood. During this meeting, Mr. Macky SALL announced the project of the blind tumor detectors of breast cancer that will be formed in Germany for a duration of nine months.

As a result, Mr. Robert also provided Information about an adjacent land that YOU FOUNDATION wants to redeem to enlarge the plan of the new city. Thus the meeting ended with dances, laughter and prayers.

The population of Baraka thanks the YOU FOUNDATION and its partners but especially the President M. Macky SALL, who gave his agreement to realize this great and log awaited dream. M. SOUDEU took this opportunity to take a family photo for Mrs. OHOVEN known on the name « Mama Blond » by the inhabitants.

Here are some pictures taken during this meeting.

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