The life of an inhabitant of Baraka

Poverty is a theme used to define the misery and lack of means of an individual, which prevent him from satisfying his needs. In underdeveloped countries, especially in Black Africa, most people don´t have enough Food to eat and are unable to take care of themselves when they get sick. This is the case in Baraka, where the population lives in precarious situations.
In Baraka, even if some are able to support themselves, others live in very precarious living conditions. This is the case of our guest of the day Mrs. MALADO DIALLO. With the age of forty, Mrs Diallo is widowed and has three children. They are 20 years, 10 years and 8 years old. The family has no income or support. Since the death of her husband, Mrs. Diallo lived from her meager resources. That’s why she begs in the morning and sells grilled peanuts at night to feed her children.

Living in absolute poverty, she can not buy the supplies for her children to ensure their attending in school. Because of that, her orphans havn´t got the chance to go to school yet. To cope with the daily difficulties, his elder became mechanic, to be able to support his mother.rps20161206_135243 Mrs. Diallo is depressed by wanting to bring this to an end, besides that she has no close relatives. Every day the situation for this women, who lost her husband when she was pregnant with her last child, gets worse. In this delicate situation, she fights only for the happiness of her children, to enable them a better future.
Despite all these difficulties, Mrs Diallo constantly believes in a better future for herself as well. So do not discourage us, for having always hope for our lives.

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