Ceremony of Gamou in Baraka

The feast of Al-Mawlid  is celebrated on the 12th of Rabia- which corresponds to the third month of the Muslim year. Nowadays this event is celebrated by many Muslim communities around the world. They commemorate the birth of Prophet Mohamed. Thus the baraka population is not stranded.
On 11 December 2016, the population of Baraka celebrated the birthday of Prophet Mohamed in their neighbourhood. This night is celebrated everywhere among Muslims, even if it is not one of the two canonical religious festivals which are the two aïds: the aïd el fitr (2) and the aïd al-Adha (3).

In Baraka, the whole population was mobilized for the celebration of this night, first by making contributions between different heads of group see communities. The soccer field is the place of organization of the great events of habit, but for this night the inhabitants celebrated it in the house in the Mosque.

The commemoration of the birth of Prophet Mohamed began with a recital of the Holy Quran in honor of the Prophet. The Imam has explained to the inhabitants the course of the Prophet, his greatness, his noble ways but also deepen the knowledge of the faithful to the Muslim religion. Prayers were made for all those involved in the realization of the reconstruction of the Baraka City and for peace in the world. This night is considered as a happy opportunity for families and friends to spend time together and eat well.
1: birth of Prophet Mohamed (PSL)
2: Night of Destiny
3: festival of the tabaski

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