The new Baraka graduates

Baraka is a modest and poor neighborhood where the majority of the population is illiterate but there are some intellectuals like those young bachelors who are the pride of the neighborhood yet. Here are two examples of the new Baraka graduates.
As in previous years, this year also the children of Baraka have still made the pride in their studies by obtaining their baccalauréat. There are four girls and two boys. So we took two for the interview. They are: Ramatoulaye Diagne, born on October 22, 1997. Unique girl, she has three Brothers.rps20170111_161907 She went through the CEM David Diop where she obtained her BFEM in 2013. Then she is directed to the Lycée Technique de Commerce Maurice De La Fosse. Ramatoulaye has gone through very hard times during her schooling, because she was forced to walk to the middle of the journey and then take a bus that brings her to school.

Also she was forced to manage with the revisions on her own and did not have the opportunity to do reinforcement courses like some of her classmates. At the same time Ramatoulaye also practices artistic gymnastics because it is her Passion. Plus it motivates her to help her parents financially on her studies by participating in three competitions.

She connected domestic work at home and classes so it was not easy, but by God’s grace she got her bachelor’s degree. Ramatoulaye wants to become an expert accountant that is why she dreams of attending a training in banking finance insurance.


The other young bachelor named Doudou Fall is 21 years old born in Diofior.rps20170111_161853 He is the eldest son of his Family with three sisters and four brothers. He also went through the CEM David Diop until 2013 after his BFEM. Then he went to the Lycée Blaise Diagne where he graduated from Baccalauréat in 2016.

He had a lot of difficulties as he walked every day to get to school and back. Because he is the elder brother, he is not allowed to ask for anything for his school fees, he was obliged to work the holidays to pay his expenses. It is oriented to the University Sheikh ANTA Diop of Dakar where it is the Geography. His dream is to become a territory manager. He goes to the University every day by bike, because he has been able to afford a bike with his savings.

Both advise their brothers and sisters to believe in themselves, to be respectful and to continue their studies because they are the future of tomorrow.

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