The difficulties of the third ages in Baraka

In black Africa, especially in Third World countries, the third age is a very difficult period, as capacity and labor power disappear with age. And for someone who does not benefit from a retirement pension, old age rhymes with extreme poverty.
The district Baraka is located in an area where you find the most exclusive districts of Dakar and where people are living that work in the Senegalese administration. Unlike their neighbors, Baraka is a poor neighborhood of the SICAP freedom area. Lots of elderly people live there, and are confronted with several problems: health problems, lack of income, good nutrition etc.

The initially plan was a health policy, that was set up by the government, but this health policy for the elderly has not been completed and still remains at the starting point. Elderly people who do not have a pension or income do not have the possibility of being cared for in case of illness because they do not have money and are not covered by health insurance, so they can take care of themselves . They daily fight to ensure the three meals to their offspring. They do not have retirement pensions because most of them are craftsmen. However, regardless of their ages, they are the pillars of their families and are obliged to seek the daily expense. Others are sick and feel more comfortable within their role as a family man, so they see their families disintegrate.
With the arrival « YOU FOUNDATION » and its partners, the inhabitants of Baraka are looking forward to the reconstruction, benefiting from social housing to relieve their sorrows. The people of Baraka have complete confidence in Mrs OHOVEN, in her will and in her solidarity with the old people. This is why the baraka population must be conscious and help its youth to continue their studies so as not to live the same ordeal that our parents in retirement live.

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