Entrepreneurship in Baraka

Entrepreneurship is a key element of job creation for young people. It is an important engine of economic development, which is why the young students in vocational training of Baraka meet every month for job creation entrepreneurship. These young people are very determined and have a lot of ambition to realize their dream.

Currently in Senegal, young people have finally that everyone can not be salaried due to lack of employment. Thus, youth entrepreneurship is a real asset because it contributes to emergence in underdeveloped countries like ours, by reducing their unemployment rates. As a result, the young graduates of Baraka had the idea to meet periodically, to discuss and research in the areas where they want to start, since starting a business is not easy. They gather once a month to share their knowledge and knowledge to better experience their creative entrepreneurial ideas.

In this grouping, there are various sectors: accounting, management informatics, journalism, communication, logistics transport, banking finance, management sciences and health. All this for a single objective the development of the Baraka district because the commitment and the experience is well in place. That is why they are drafting a collective project. The structuring and the good writing of this one, will allow the young people to prepare for competitions of entrepreneurship and to seek financing from investors for the realization of this project.
The youth of Baraka is aware of the fact that it is the future of tomorrow, so they fight day and night for the development of its neighborhood. While they are looking forward to the start of the reconstruction project, the population thanks YOU FOUNDATION and all its partners.

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