The craftsmen in Baraka do everything necessary to ensure their survival. It is true that these young fathers of families have learned their trades well by their predecessors. Other artisans come from all corners of Senegal, but without professional training, as Gassimou Diallo tells us.

We found Gassimou Diallo with his 4 apprentices in his small space of 10squaremeters, who told us a little history:

Gassimou Diallo

« The conditions of life not being met to continue my primary studies, I had to leave the school in class of CE1. I walked for miles to go to school. In order not to wander the streets like other children my age, my parents entrusted me with a carpenter cabinetmaker in Sacré Coeur 3 to learn this trade. »

What a fate for poor Gassimou, left alone with an unknown family, but who today is happy that his first boss treated him like his own son. A fact that is not self-evident.  After 10 years of training in this workshop, Gassimou left the carpenter in 2007 to work for his personal buisness in Baraka in a space of 10squaremeters!

Since then he has continued this work, which has enabled him to look after his family. In addition, he supervises four young boys aged 12 to 16 years, who are all from Baraka, and treats them as his own children.  « We look forward to this great reconstruction project in the Baraka quarter called Cité Baraka, » says Gassimou with a big smile, « because for us artisans it is an opportunity in terms of the use of local Labor.This is, why during the implementation of the Baraka awareness project, initiated by the YOU Foundation and executed by HOPE’87, we craftsmen had requested a program to strengthen our capacities to meet the requirements of the quality of the hand ‘artwork « . And as a response to this request, the YOU Foundation has given the start for this sub-project of professional training of craftsmen of Baraka.

Training of craftsmen followed by equipment in small material will strengthen the knowledge of artisans, such as Gassimou, on new technologies in woodworking … to be able to build a better futue!

Here are some pictures.

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