For some years this young craftsman of Baraka, who became a mason, raises walls and builds a whole house with his colleagues. He skilfully manipulates his trowel, spreads out the mortar, places his bricks accurately. This dexterity of Yaya Diallo made him forget, that ten years ago, he had neither craft nor qualifications.

We met Yaya Diallo in his working space in the Sacré Coeur III district where he told us about his career: « Being employed as a maneuver in a team of thirty workers, my determination and commitment allowed me to progress quickly and to train me for 10 years. » He quickly became a reliable support, who is able to sustain his family by his salary. He is married with three daughters and lives with his mother, sisters and brothers in Baraka since 1993.

Today the wall he builds is not made of breeze blocks, but of bricks of compressed earth, and built according to millennial methods. The history of Yaya Diallo teaches us, that the will, determination and desire for learning always lead to success. That is why Yaya Diallo is looking forward to the start of the works of the great project « Cité Baraka » to use his Know-how, but also to help the other artisans of the neighborhood to participate.

During the implementation of the Baraka Awareness Project, initiated by the YOU Foundation and executed by HOPE’87, the craftsmen of Baraka decided to meet as a Group of Economic Interest (GIE). Yaya Diallo is the president in order to create a construction company in Baraka. This can only be done by strengthening, the capacities of the different trades to enable them to meet the requirements related to the quality of the workforce.

This is what the YOU Foundation has understood by giving the go for this sub-project of professional training of the craftsmen of Baraka. Training of craftsmen followed by equipment in small equipment will strengthen the knowledge of craftsmen, such as Yaya, on new construction technologies.

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