The Baraka district, with it´s 2000 inhabitants, only hab one health station set up by ENDA in the year 1996, run by a community health worker. In cause of the sub-project « Health of Baraka, that startet in 2016, we fortunately got a health station with a state nurse.And it is again Mr. Samih Sawiris, a great global entrepreneur, with his a big heart, who has agreed to support the project « Baraka Health ». For this great act, he was unanimous with the people of Baraka. With the YOU Foundation of Ute Ohoven, UNESCO’s Special Ambassador and HOPE’87, the health station had started its activities in August 2016 in collaboration of a military Nurse. Her attendance time was 6 hours each week. As a result of these activities, the Health District of « Gaspard Camara » deemed the necessary for the population to apply a full-time state nurse to ensure the primary health care of the people of Baraka.rps20170315_092519

And finally the population of Baraka was very  pleased, as Nafissatou Samb picked up her service as a nurse on the health Station on March, the 2nd 2017. Mrs. Samb was born in a modest family in Dakar from where she has not been away and has just completed 25 years of career from the medical station in Ouakam to the health Station in Grand Dakar, passing through that of Hann sur sea. According to Mrs. Samb, being a woman has never been a problem for her in the community, although she admits « that nurses are largely the minority in Senegal », compared to women. « In my promotion, we were 2 girls out of 30 students, » she says. Even if things have changed, there are still a lot more men in this occupation, according to her. On this day of service, Mrs. Samb made a courtesy visit in the community relay Madame Fatou Sy throughout the neighborhood with notables. After this takeover, the nurse consulted 4 children all suffering from pneumonia – she really came at an apt time.

« The Government has made great efforts to improve public health, » Samb said, continuing: « however the medical situation, especially for the children of Baraka is still precarious. But trust me, I am a strong woman with a lot of experience and I am determined to face the challenges!  »

And his little smile makes us warm in the hear !

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