Hope continues in Baraka

As part of the progress of the project to rebuild the district Baraka representatives of the ORASCOM group again visited Baraka on 7th of March 2017. The delegation consisted of  Stefan Zingerle, Alex Calderoni, Julio Sotos and Abdou Wahab Kane. This visit follows the one of Mr. Zingerle in January 2017 for the restoration of the technical and administrative reconstruction of Baraka.The inhabitants of Baraka are very happy and excited to know, that the constructions will soon start and welcomed Mr. Zingerle and his delegation accompanied by Mr. Boubacar MANE (Country Representative of HOPE’87) in Senegal. According to these population, within a year or less the dignity of the community will be respected and their living conditions will be improved with the construction of 210 apartments, through the YOU Foundation and its partners such as the ORASCOM group.

Mr Zingerle and his delegation visited all the public facilities in Baraka: the primary school, the hairdressing salon, the health Station supported by Mr Samih Sawiris, the IT center and the blog office. After this visit, Mr Zingerle and his delegation held a small meeting with the people to reassure them that the process is on track with the competent authorities of the country, while also informing them of their meetings with ENDA in Dakar.

The notables of the district have prayed to the YOU Foundation and its partner the ORASCOM group who always find pleasure to come to Baraka!

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