A meeting was held between representatives of the ORASCOM group, namely Stefan Zingerle, Alex Calderoni and Julio Sotos, HOPE’87 Country Representative Boubacar Mané, the members of the Baraka Steering Committee (Abdou Seye, Adja Fatou Sy, Ndeye Awa Bakhoum, Abdoul Ba, Amadou Korca Diallo and Yaya Diallo) and the Executive Secretariat of ENDA Tiers Monde in the ENDA office in Dakar. They met during the visit of representatives of ORASCOM to Senegal in March.

To recall ENDA Tiers-Monde with the late Jacques Bugnicourt had worked in Baraka since 1993 and had the aim to fight against the marginalization of the disadvantaged and for sustainable development. ENDA was supported during its mission in Baraka by Ute H. Ohoven, President of the YOU Foundation – Education of Children in Need in Germany. Among many positive projects for the population of Baraka, ENDA had also registered a plot in its name in this neighborhood. This plot was identified in January and ORACOM had requested a meeting with ENDA to discuss exactly this plot, which should imperatively be part of the reconstruction of Baraka.

After the usual greetings the head of the district explained a detailed schedule of their meeting with ENDA, ORASCOM and HOPE’87. And according to him, the most importand mission is always the well-being of the populations of Baraka. The Executive Secretary of ENDA first thanked Stefan Zingerle and his delegation and told them he was pleased, that their discussions on this land right could be useful in understanding the context of this Project, essential for its sustainable success and its replicability. The Executive Secretary also indicated during the interview that the issue of plot No. 21 will be decided by the ENDA TM authorities.

In any case, according to the Executive Secretary, regardless of the level and scope of the partnership that may be established, ENDA Tiers-Monde remains committed to playing its historical role of accompanying the populations, while ensuring respect for the right to. In accordance with the principles of social justice, through monitoring and warning, participatory policy analysis, and the reinforcement of the strategic capacities of the popular groups to defend their interests.

In his reply the Country Representative of HOPE’87 in Senegal Mr Boubacar Mané thanked the Executive Secretariat of ENDA Tiers Monde for this interview, which he gave, despite their busy schedule. Regarding the information, Mr Mané said that now ENDA Tiers Monde should be part of the Steering Committee headed by Mrs Soumaré of the Ministry of Urban Renewal, Habitat and Living Framework.

The people in attendance greatly appreciated this meeting because, according to her, this is another proof of the realization of this dream. The people thanked ENDA and all these representatives for their contributions for a better future in Baraka. This meeting ended as usual with thanks and prayers for the YOU FOUNDATION and its partners.

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