The craftsmen of Baraka surprise us day by day with their courage and their motivation. We met Mr. Abdou Coly, blacksmith of his state and he will show us how he makes these pots, so used by our cooks in Baraka and the surrounding market …
Abdou Coly, who lives in Baraka, is the father of a family of seven children and has lived in the village since 1992.
« Nothing is lost … everything changes, » said Lavoisier. And our craftsmen in Baraka apply this maxim: they use a lot of material recovery.
According to Abdou Coly the aluminum used is often of the recovery; Frames of broken aluminum doors or windows, pans or pierced pots, or bought at a low price of about CFAF 700 per kilogram, ie 1.06 EUR per kg.
The aluminum is placed in a crucible and melted, using charcoal and an ingenious system of wind tunnel, manufactured locally, from a car engine fan. This system allows to blow constantly on the fire to stir it up and keep a fairly high temperature.
And while the aluminum melts, the various steps of the manufacture of the pot are carried out according to a previously defined model.
« This job is a legacy of my father since 1978, I manage well because in Senegal there is a strong demand for aluminum kitchen utensils. It is with this job that I maintain my family, that I pay for the education of my children and meets the daily needs of my family, « Abdou tells us.
It is a difficult job that carries too much risk because it works with fire permanently and it requires a lot of effort and materials like crates, molds, oven, pliers, gloves.
The craftsman quickly spreads his know-how to the other young people of Baraka who are interested in this trade and currently he has 4 young apprentices in his workshop.
Abdou Coly will say that « … it is a job that works well in Baraka because the pot enjoys special attention throughout its existence. Closely associated with women, it is the housewife who chooses her directly from us, distrusting all the misdemeanors that can conceal paintings and other camouflage. It is also the housewife who uses it in the kitchen and maintains it daily. When the time comes, she will come back to us again to have it repaired or negotiated its redesign and the purchase of a new pot. And Mr. Abdou continues « … that is why we craftsmen in Baraka are eager to have a guarantee fund to strengthen our equipment and meet the daily needs of the population of Baraka and the surrounding neighborhoods.  »
And with a smile the blacksmith confirms: « I am very pleased with the great project » Cité Baraka « because it is an opportunity for me to have a more modern workshop for the canteens that will be built!  »

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