Things to do in Baraka

This Thursday, June 15, 2017 the population of Baraka is immense pleasure to receive three architects of the agency architecture local index D which works in collaboration with Casa Orascom at the level of Senegal for the phase of project implementation and supervision of works.

These architects were received in Baraka by members of the steering committee and the HOPE’87 team.
The objective of their visit according to Mrs. Marion Stamm Niang was to « come and make the recognition of the site of Baraka with the plan in hand and to see the different infrastructures mentioned on the map ».
As part of the « Baraka City » project, the Index D firm was selected by Orascom for the project execution phase and the supervision of the works. The index firm D founded in 2011 and practices in Senegal since 2012 is an agency specialized in architecture, urban planning and landscaping.
After a presentation of their mission in Baraka, the architects were able to visit the primary school, the hairdressing salon, the sewing workshop for the girls, the IT center and the blog. They also went around Baraka with the plan in hand to check everything in detail.
This visit has given more hope to the people of Baraka !!!

Here are some pictures of this visit.


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