The training of the craftsmen of Baraka started Monday, July 17 at the primary school of Baraka from 18 hours.
The courses will be held from Monday to Friday from 6 pm to 8 pm GMT on the demand of the artisans and according to their calendar.
The groups are constituted according to the following table:

Home Number Number of groups
Women transforming local products and restorers 45 3
Building (Bricklayer, painter, electrician tiler, florist) 25 2
Dressing / Seamstress 18 1
Mechanic, carter 12 1
Carpenter, Metal, Wood, Refrigeration, blacksmith 38 2

Each group will first start with marketing whose content will be:
How to present yourself? How to present your company, how to present its products • to customers

• to donors

• to investors

• to business partners …
Knowledge of artisan presentation materials will also be addressed:

• leaflets

• business cards

• loyalty cards

• packaging

• signs, logo, slogan, colors

• photos and videos on tablet

• Advertising (word-of-mouth, promotional campaigns, newspapers and magazines, yellow pages, radio, TV, fairs and shows)
The emphasis will also be on the quality of the work and will concern:

• compliance with the specifications,

• respect of deadlines,

• finishes,

• transport service,

• installation,

• after- Sale,

• take-back of equipment.
As it is a capacity building of adults, the courses are in Wolof local language, they take place in the form of discussion, case studies.
Field missions are planned for carpenters (wood and metal), masons, painters, tilers …
All artisans who are members of the groups take courses with great interest and are assiduous during the course.
As to say the empowerment of artisans initiated by the YOU Foundation comes to its time!
Here are the photos of the different courses:

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