The training of the artisans of Baraka continues until September 2017. This training is initiated by the YOU Foundation in Germany to empower these artisans of Baraka who do their work despite their lack of means. Classes are held Monday to Friday from 6 pm to 8 pm GMT at the primary school and at the IT Center.Baraka’s committed craftsmen normally follow their classes when they get out of work or after the workshop. To learn more about them and their opinions on this training, we went to meet 3 professional craftsmen during their courses in computer science at the IT center of Baraka:
Gassimou Diallo married carpenter was born in Baraka, grew up and lives there with his parents. Gassimou learned the trade from a master carpenter. According to Gassimou, « during my training and in my own workshop I have never been trained in management and marketing in order to enhance my products ». Gassimou believes that training is a good initiative and in long term he will be more committed, dynamic and creative in his work. Gassimou will say « I stopped school very early but the method of teaching used by the teachers helps us to better understand the course content »rps20170802_133214

Yaya Diallo mason and president of the GIE of the craftsmen of Baraka also lives in Baraka. He explains us that their trade is very difficult and sometimes works in the vacuum without even knowing the profitability of their work. The YOU Foundation has given us a new chance to be able to better manage our activities and to aim very far to know to have more ambition .rps20170802_133247

Hawa Ba that we met in front of her machine at the sewing center explains that « she follows the courses with much interest because she didn´t got a chance to go to school. Her job as a seamstress allows her to solve her small problems at the household level. According to her, « the knowledge gained during these training days will enable her to strengthen her activity, be ambitious and always seek to move forward ». According to her, « we will never cease to thank the YOU Foundation, which always seeks to improve our living conditions ».

The metalworkers and metalworkers found on the spot all approached in the same direction as Gassimou, Yaya and Hawa to say that the training allows them to open to a prosperous future !!
Here are the photos of the different artisans interviewed:

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