Women processors of local products and women vendors as well as women restorers are not left behind, they also take the training in management and marketing initiated by the YOU Foundation. We went to meet some of them to know their opinion on this training:


Mariéme Mbengue « … I lived in Thiaroye a district of Dakar but I am married to a resident of Baraka where I live now with my husband. I found that the women in the Baraka neighborhood are very brave and this motivated me to continue my activity on the trade of curtains and bed sheets. It was a job that I had been practicing since I was living in Thiaroye. It is with this activity that I support my children in their schooling and my husband to the expenses of the family.
As far as management and marketing training is concerned, I feel that this training is a good initiative and it is one more experience that could help me better manage my business in the future because I I did not get a chance to go to school. Thanks to YOU ​​FOUNDATION  »


Khady Diallo « … I live in Baraka since 1992 and the only activity that I lead is restoration. I am a mother of six (06) children who have never crossed my arms in terms of my children’s success. I am pleased to participate in the training of craftsmen of Baraka which is an opportunity offered by the YOU FONDATION to enable us to better manage the revenue of our activities. Currently if I manage to get a credit of 1 000 000 FCFA or 1,524 EUR I could manage it because with the courses I learned a lot of concept. Before I had no knowledge on the computer but now I can even use it  »


Mariama Ba ‘… I am a mother of 5 boys with a husband who died 5 years ago. Now I remarried a short time ago with another man who already has 3 women and children. This is the cause for which I build myself body and soul to satisfy the needs of my children. I sell fruit juices, donuts and candy to the elementary school during the school year and in the Baraka neighborhood. The training in management and marketing initiated by the YOU Foundation will allow me to better manage what I earn daily and even to manipulate a computer to allow me to be visible through the social networks especially Facebook I know now. Really I’m very happy and I thank Mrs OHOVEN.  »


Sokhna Senghor  » I sell Touba coffee (traditional coffee) and donuts in front of me because I am a mother who wants to help her children succeed in the academic field (school supply) with the little that I gain. I did not get the chance as many Baraka woman to go to school, which is why I do not have the words to thank YOU FOUNDATION for giving us a new chance to know the importance of studies In the life of a person. With this training in management and marketing, I am ready to expand my activities in other areas like the processing of local products. I would also like to personally thank the professors who take all their time to better explain themselves through case studies and projections insofar as it is not easy to teach illiterate adults.  »


Mame Diarra Faye « … being a mother of a family 5 years ago that I sell juice so it is an activity that I like to lead. Mrs. OHOVEN is a swinging woman who loves the women of Baraka and helps them out of their precariousness.
Training in management and marketing brings me a lot of courage and motivation to better manage my income. So I am very glad to follow these courses because it is an opportunity that opens to us the artisans of Baraka.

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