As part of the training of the craftsmen of Baraka supported by the YOU Foundation in Germany and started since July 2017, we continue our series of interviews with the direct beneficiaries that are the artisans themselves. This time we went to meet the trainers to give us their impressions, their views on the behavior of craftsmen to the training.
Here are their reactions:


M.SECK, Professor of Management and Marketing: « I am very pleased to be among the teachers of the artisans of Baraka and it is with great pleasure that I help these craftsmen because they are very motivated and courageous. Most of them are illiterate cause why courses are done in Wolof to enable them to better understand and participate. To evaluate them one does that orally because as you know their levels of education is very low and most do not know how to write so it is a difficulty and a constraint. But it is possible to manage by explaining through case studies, simulations until all participants are at the same level of understanding. The other difficulty is that there are many absences and cases of delay which according to the craftsmen is not easy for them as they combine work and capacity building sessions. But on the whole we can say that it is acceptable because they always manage to get by.  »


M. KANE, Professor of General Informatics: « As my colleague MrSeck has said, it is with pleasure and love that we do our work. In general computing there are two, Mrs Sara DIÈNE and I, we divide the groups according to our timetables. I see that the craftsmen of Baraka are very courageous and I welcome this behavior because that is what will facilitate our work. In computer science, the practice is more important than the theory and this I explained well to the craftsmen. We have a heterogeneous group composed of those who have little notion in computer science and those who do not have it so I am obliged to put them on the same level. We also noticed that it is the young boys who are most involved in computers compared to women. But among women, there are also those who have a capacity for understanding faster than others, so it is for us to assist them more so that they are at a certain level.  Overall, the group follows the courses well and on a regular basis.  »


Mr Diouf, Professor of Management Informatics  » It is with pleasure that I am practicing this trade in Baraka. Craftsmen are courageous and ambitious because it is not easy for them to combine work and these capacity building sessions. Many of them have no concept in management, so we try to separate them into two groups to better work in coherence. All courses are in Wolof to help them better understand and evaluate them orally. The only difficulty we face is delays and absences. Sometimes we are obliged to organize remedial sessions or they disrupt the course by questions that we have already overcome. If not all in all we can say that the sessions are going well and the craftsmen of Baraka are really brave and patient. « 

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