A lottery organized for the 210 families of Baraka.

As a prelude to this lottery, a meeting was held in Baraka on 12 September 2017 between the YOU FONDATION, its partner HOPE’87 in Senegal, the Ministry of Town Planning represented by the President of the Steering Committee of the project « Cité Baraka » , the Town Hall of Sicap and the population of Baraka. This meeting was attended by Ambassador Ohoven, Mrs Claudia Jerger, Mrs Soumaré, and Mr Santhie Sene Agne, Mayor of Sicap Liberté.

Ambassador Ohoven, Claudia Jerger and their partner Casa Orascom were in Senegal from 10 to 19 September 2017 to follow the project « Cité Baraka ».

Ms. Soumaré, Chair of the Steering Committee of the « Baraka City » project, increased the hope of the people of Baraka by explaining the progress of the project. According to her in less than two months the construction permit will be ready and construction activities will finally start.
The Mayor of Sicap Liberté also thanked and congratulated the YOU Foundation and its partners for this initiative.

Speaking, Ambassador Ohoven also explained that by the end of November 2017 construction activities will start.
The joy was read on the faces of every inhabitant of Baraka present at the meeting.

Mrs Claudia Jerger also spoke in the same way as Mrs Ohoven and insisted on the importance of the project. She also told the residents that there will be a lottery to do at the mayor’s office to choose the type of apartment and rules to read. And every family or a representative with a national identity card will be present for the draw!

To conclude Mr. Boubacar Mané, Country Representative of HOPE’87 in Senegal and partner of the YOU Foundation, added the love and importance of this project to the YOU Foundation and the President of the Republic of Senegal. According to Mr Mané, for the success of this great project there will be 11 buildings named from A to K and in each building the apartment types specified in FI, F2, F3 and F4 will be numbered.rps20170926_213827

The lottery will consist of making the draw depending on the building and the number of the apartment. An appointment was fixed the following day, that is to say on 13 September 2017 at the Sicap Liberté Town Hall with the presence of all 210 families or representatives from 10am GMT. The meeting ended with dances and thanks to the YOU Foundation. On September 3, 2017 all the representatives of each family were at the rendezvous as agreed and on the spot the activities were organized by the HOPE’87 team in Senegal and each family already knew its type of apartment. The chairs were tidy and 4 boxes numbered according to the type of apartment were laid on a table.rps20170926_220847

Each box contained scraps of paper or the number of the apartment and the building. The YOU Foundation and its partners, as well as the City Council of Sicap Liberté, were present to supervise the lottery and lottery activities of the building and the apartments. This lottery or this random draw makes it possible to avoid any discrimination with regard to the population.rps20170926_213906

The people of Baraka were very happy with this strategy, which according to him avoided confusion and mistakes.
She will never cease to thank their « Mother Blonde » for this initiation which is also supported by the President of the Republic of Senegal Mr. Macky Sall.

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