Women first

We often hear « it takes a lot of money to start a business »; it’s wrong. There are many ways to create your own project. This is what the YOU FOUNDATION understood by putting in place a strategy to help Baraka artisans, especially women traders and processors of local products.
Various training modules in management, marketing and IT have been proposed by the YOU Foundation in connection with HOPE’87 in Senegal and the GIE Baraka artisans to support these artisans in the management of their activities.
With these training modules, Baraka artisans are now able to manage their own business.
YOU Foundation in relation with its partner in Senegal; HOPE’87 will help women in the first place to access a revolving loan fund on a cooperative basis.
HOPE’87 shared the experience of women fish sellers in Ouakam which is another project supported by YOU Foundation.rps20171220_202715

At the end of this, women sellers and processors of local products began to form groups of 5 people to open bank accounts at the microfinance institution UM PAMECAS VDN not far from Baraka.
Among these trained women, 5 groups have already opened an account and in 10 to 15 days these groups of women will have a credit to strengthen their credit.
With this funding the artisans decided to go ahead and manage their funds well.rps20170809_130629

As a reminder, Mame Diarra Faye said  » … these training modules in management and marketing have given me a lot of courage and motivation to better manage my income. So I am very happy to be able to strengthen my business with the loan I will have.



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