Baraka Carpenters Exchange Visit to Ouakam

Youth unemployment in Senegal, and particularly in Baraka, is due to the lack of their skills and professional experience, as well as to the inadequacy of the profiles presented and the needs of the labor market.
Faced with this situation, the YOU FOUNDATION has drewn up a strategy to help the artisans of Baraka. Training modules in management, marketing and computer skills were offered to various trades such as carpenters, masons, tailors, hairdressers, mechanics and women processors of local products. These modules allow Baraka artisans to manage their activities on their on.
In this context, the team of HOPE87 in Senegal helped the carpenters of Baraka to make a exchange visit in a company of Works of General Construction Company (TEGB) section Carpentry located in the Ouakam district. It is a family business that started with a small workshop like Baraka artisans and has gained experience over the years.rps20180104_020508

The chef explained how they acquired all the equipment and how they captured several markets for office furniture, living room furniture and bedrooms.rps20180104_015600

The purpose of this visit was to show Baraka artisans that they can also succeed by implementing all their know-how and working in rigor and discipline.
With these exchange visits and training modules, Baraka artisans will be able to manage their own business like TEGB.rps20180104_015535

YOU Foundation in relation with its partner in Senegal, HOPE87 will help these craftsmen to settle once the commercial spaces are built as part of the large project « Cité Baraka ».rps20180104_015457

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