The children of Baraka celebrate Christmas!

The Christmas tree brings together children in a spirit of conviviality and sharing.
For this Christmas is a magical event in the year. And every child in the world, especially Baraka, is waiting for a gift from his parents or relatives
The people of Baraka have decided to support the actions of « Mama of Blonde » for the youngest in their own way.rps20180117_224759

As a reminder, the YOU Foundation with Mrs. Ambassador Ohoven decided to rebuild the district whose project is called « New Baraka City » to improve the living conditions of the people of Baraka.
The YOU Foundation has decided to support the construction of a nursery school whose work is underway to prevent children from spending all their time playing in the neighborhood away from parental supervision.rps20180117_224739

It is in this sense that the young people of the neighborhood, their friends and parents thought to organize this Christmas tree to please the children of the neighborhood. These young people intend to perpetuate this action because these children deserve to be happy!rps20180117_224721

The animated ceremony had allowed children, parents and friends to spend a warm moment with the « fake » Santa Claus and local artists.
All the children were thrilled and very happy to receive a gift!

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