The construction works will finally start in Baraka on the basis of the preliminary works of the architecture students of the Düsseldorf School of Art Peter Behrens and the Association of German Architects.

Baraka will completely change its face, the master plan, developed by German architecture students for a new district related to the needs of the population, « Baraka New » will open not only to its neighbors, but also to the outside .

A lottery was organized in September 2017 at the Town Hall of Sicap Liberté to choose the type of apartment and rules to read. And every family or representative with their national identity card was present for the draw. The lottery consisted in making the draw depending on the building and the number of the apartment


A symbolic signing ceremony of the contracts of provision was organized on February 05, 2018 at the Sicap Liberty Town Hall in the presence of the YOU Foundation with Mrs. Ohoven and Claudia Jerger, Casa Orascom with Mr. Stefan Zingerle of the Ministry of Urbanism with Mrs Soumaré Technical Advisor of the Minister and the representatives of the population as well as notables.
This is a « Housing Provision Agreement » signed between the beneficiary and SOREBA (Baraka Reconstruction Society) represented by its Managing Director Mr. Stefan Zingerle.


The duration of the agreement is 15 years for all lessees and the amount of the monthly special compensation to be paid in return for the provision differs according to the type of apartment (F1, F2, F3 and F4).
For the first time in their lives, these populations will have a document certifying that the apartment they occupy will be their property after 15 years of rental.

The architectural plans are in the final phase and the start of the works is officially scheduled for March 15, 2018. The safety standards of the trail by the zinc fence of the construction site began to be installed at the football field in Baraka.

A manual describing the whole process of reconstruction called « Cité Baraka » is being developed to be popularized or duplicated in the future in other horizons of the world for another slum reconstruction project.

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