Construction work has finally started in Baraka with the ceremony of launching the works by the Minister of Urban Renewal, Habitat and Living Environment this Thursday, March 15, 2018 in Baraka.
This ceremony was attended by all the members of the « Baraka Steering Committee », the YOU Foundation with Blonde Mom and Mrs. Claudia Jerger, Casa Orascom with Mr. Stefan Zingerle and Mr. Alex Calderoni, Ambassadors of Italy and Italy. Germany in Senegal, the Director of UNESCO in Dakar, the Mayor of Sicap Liberté, the team of HOPE’87 Senegal, a local partner of YOU Foundation and the people of Baraka.

The ceremony was marked by speeches of gratitude, prayer and thanks.


Minister Diène Farba Sarr said in his speech; « … as part of the implementation of this path that is part of the urban renewal program, the Head of State of Senegal has taken all necessary measures for the effective conduct of this project … ».


The YOU Foundation by the voice of Mrs. Ohoven thanked Mr. Samih Sawiris his partner in this project, the Head of State of Senegal Mr. Macky Sall who believed in his project and supported it, the Steering Committee of the project « City Baraka » and the Minister of Urban Renewal and Living Environment Mr. Diene Farba Sarr.


The district chief and the Mayor of Sicap Liberté thanked the YOU Foundation partner but also the state of Senegal for the implementation of this « New Baraka » project.

The objective of this project is to restore the human dignity of the people of Baraka who lived for a long time in this precarious neighborhood.


The dream of « Blonde Mom » ​​for these populations finally becomes a reality for her but also for the people of Baraka.


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